Boost Productivity with the HP LaserJet Pro 4001

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Experience lightning-fast printing with the HP LaserJet Pro 4001. Delivering crisp monochrome quality and seamless connectivity, this printer is your ultimate productivity powerhouse. Get professional-grade documents at lightning speed!


Precision Printing Powerhouse

Unleash the productivity of your office with the HP LaserJet Pro 4001 4001dn Desktop Wired Laser Printer – Monochrome.

High-Speed Efficiency

Experience lightning-fast printing with the HP LaserJet Pro 4001. Boasting a rapid print speed of up to 42 pages per minute, this printer ensures your documents are ready in a flash. Say goodbye to long queues at the printer and hello to seamless workflow efficiency.

Crisp Monochrome Quality

Deliver professional-grade documents every time with the LaserJet Pro 4001. Its advanced laser technology guarantees razor-sharp text and images, ensuring every detail is captured with precision. Impress clients and colleagues alike with the clarity and professionalism of your printed materials.

Seamless Connectivity

Connectivity is key in today’s digital world, and the LaserJet Pro 4001 delivers. With wired connectivity options, including Ethernet and USB, you can easily integrate this printer into your existing network without hassle. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to seamless printing from any device.

Know your equipment

Enjoy ultra-fast speeds and powerful productivity with the LaserJet Pro 4001dn. Enjoy laser-quality black & white printing for all your business documents. Configure and manage printers at multiple sites from a single dashboard. Never run out of toner with the optional Instant Ink subscription for lasers.
This printer is designed to work only with cartridges featuring original HP chips or circuits, and will block cartridges using non-HP chips or circuits. Periodic firmware updates will maintain the effectiveness of these measures.

  • Print, scan, copy, fax, wireless, duplex, usb, ethernet
  • Fast printing: Up to 42 pages per minute
  • Stay connected: Intelligent Wi-Fi searches for the best connection to stay online.
  • Advanced security: Customize settings and monitor multiple printers from a single dashboard.


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